"Profiles with Terry Bradshaw" features The Shifter, Inc.

Shifter Reflex Training Jase Graber demonstrates the Shifter which uses a fully-patented training program and counter-weighted inertial flywheels. This training will heighten the crossed-extensor reflex and prevent lower extremity injuries.

Shifter Training Progressions Jase Graber demonstrates 24 movement patterns that are used with reflex training. If someone can demonstrate each progression with their eyes closed during a one-hour session, they are fully progressed and will properly react to unpredicted events at a speed that is 10 times faster than it was before training.

Shifter Crossed-Extensor Reflex The Shifter uses bi-laterally independent footpads that run on their own inertial flywheel system. The crossed-extensor reflex is the communication from one extremity to the other through the spinal cord. The Shifter will heighten this reflex and revolutionize what we know about injury prevention, fall prevention and performance enhancement.

Kenan Drop Box Test A pre and post test of Keenan,
an athlete monitored by Arizona State University.
Notice how quickly his leg fires underneath him to
stabilize his balance and thus prevent a possible injury.

Jordan Drop Box Test Jordan trained on
the patented Shifter for a five hour period
of time over 3 weeks and remapped his
neuromuscular system heightening and
quickening his reflexes.

"The idea is a truly revolutionary concept and product." "This is truly an 'out of the box' product that may prove to have irreplaceable validity with performance enhancement/injury prevention clientele at all levels of participation and competition. I applaud your efforts to validate your product through original research. This is often a missing step in the development cycle with many exercise products currently out on the market. Please continue in that direction."
Allan Russell
Director of Education
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Mesa, AZ and Calabassa, CA