Introducing The Shifter® Technology

The Shifter® Technology is a revolution that creates momentum and allows each side of the body to be independent of each other. It is composed of flywheel and swing arm components. It is an inertial system connected to a platform (standing, sitting, lying or hanging) with a reciprocal end and a rotational end that is designed to capture and release momentum. The Shifter® is a non impact movement which helps with pain and recovery users as well as performance enhancement.

Fully patented, The Shifter® is the world’s only bi-laterally independent momentum platform.

From Rehabbing to Performance, every BODY can benefit from Shifting@

We have different types of machines to fit your needs with handrails, harness', and seats. 


#Throwback Press

Awesome VINTAGE video of the Inventor Jase Graber discussing Shifting® as is pertains to symmetry in the body and how The Shifter® acts as a competitive advantage tool! Since inventing this technology the research has expanded to applications including reversing symptoms of neurological diseases and relieving pain in the body!

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