With a University degree in Kinesiology and training certifications from NASM, Jase Graber is a top level functional trainer. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Graber opened F.I.R.M. Fitness clinic (Functionally Integrated Resisted Movement) where he invented and patented the first bilaterally independent -US Patent Spontaneous Symmetrical Weight-Shifting® Trainer Device (The Shifter®).

For nearly two decades Mr. Graber has developed The Shifting® Program which  is a cutting edge method for the health and wellness industry. It includes a set of patented progressions that correlate directly to  function, wellness and heightened performance. He has conducted studies with ASU, CSU, and St. Thomas University, which focused on cardio, balance, and reflexive benefits. 

Mr. Graber is the Founder and President of The Shifter® Inc which is an IP holding company that is truly “Reinventing The Wheel” with 4 full patents utilizing independent momentum platforms  and flywheels in The Shifter® Technology.  He is currently teaching at The S.H.I.F.T. Institute in Boulder, CO where he certifies people in The Shifting® Program using The Shifter® Technology. He continues the Development, Research, and Design of The Shifter® Technology and it’s applications for the human body and new industries.



Marianna Ciummo, 79

"Jase is a master! It's not often that I have encountered a genius who is also very human and very personable. He understands the human body, understands your failings, and how to help you overcome any limitations you have."


Jed Billings, 74

"Jase is a very positive guy. I've been a gym rat for a long time and Jase takes it to another level. He recognizes when you've done something well but wants YOU to take it to another level. He's a great teacher."


Bianca E Green, 43

"I had seen dozens of doctors, specialist, physical therapists, masseuse's, chiropractors, and my pain remained chronic. Jase has a deep understanding of the human body and it's function and can correlate your disease and dysfunctions and help you become functional and pain free."

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