Knee Replacement Canidate

"I had very poor balance and was looking to be less fearful. I went to a Dr. and he said I would be a great candidate for a knee replacement because I was favoring one side. 

My symptoms are totally different since Shifting. I can now straighten my leg where I couldn't before. I had a big knot above my knee that is now gone, a lot less inflammation, I am more willing to put weight on it because it's stronger.

Shifting loosens your joints, it's a great aerobic workout but it's non impact. I think The Shifter is absolutely fabulous!" -Marie Billings, 71

Former University of Minnesota Shooting Guard

"Using The Shifter has greatly improved my reflex ability. At the beginning of my career I had some setbacks and ankle sprains where I wasn't able to compete at the highest level. Because of The Shifter I have been able to compete at the highest level and have the record at The University of Minnesota for the most career games played."

- Blake Hoffarber

USAC Cycling Coach / NASM

"Training on The Shifter has allowed me to have a lot better traction control for my bike. When I am going up hill loading and unloading, if I'm pushin too much on my forward foot the back tire is going to break loose. In the split second of loading and unloading and keeping even power on both pedals, I am allowed to have better traction going uphill giving me a lot more wattage and force, ultimately beating my competitors."

-Darrin Permenter

Personal Trainer

"I definitely noticed more efficiency in my body. After completing level 3,  I noticed that I was walking different and I was also able to feel how I was walking differently. Every body would benefit from the Shifter"

-Joie Ruggiero, 28

Neurological Disease

"I was diagnosed with a neurological disease many years ago when my body began to atrophy. When I began Shifting I was immediately swept up into the place of reconnecting with my body and places I haven't been able to access with any other modalities."

Christopher Halmo, 43 

Stiff Back

"I think The Shifter is absolutely revolutionary. For the Geriatric demo it is beneficial because it requires very little effort because of the momentum you create. You don't tire but you get all the benefit."

-Marianna Ciummo ,79

Back Pain

"What Ive noticed since being fully progressed is my reaction speed to unpredicted events (stepping on a patch of ice, stepping off a curb) I now have a heightened cross extensor reflex and I don't fall." 

-Kevin Hausman, 47


"I has stroke 9 years ago and nothing has relieved my pain until I found The Shifter and started Shifting. I do it 4x a week in small amounts."

-Bill Mickler, 77

Multiple Sclerosis

"I had chronic pain from my MS. Sitting or standing. The Shifter loosens my joint and lubricates my body in a way that I gain range of motion and my body is more flexible which prevents the tightening of my muscles that create pain."

-Andrea Sternberg, 46


"I experienced chronic pain in my body for years. Eventually I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which ironically cantle diagnosed. Began Shifting and my roaming pain is completely gone from my body, my posture has improved, and my mental well-being improved in absence of the pain." 

-Bianca E. Green, 43

Yogi / Shaman / U.S. Navy Seal Veteran

"The Shifter is the greatest machine I have ever trained on."

-Michael Fragale 48

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

"The Shifter and the Shifting  program Mr. Graber has put together is one of the most fun and challenging workouts I have ever done. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking for overall mind and body improvements!"

-Cody Stevenson, 31