Our Program:

The Shifting® Program is a unique experience with different steps to allow growth. There are levels, progressions, and sessions that allow top achievement. 

  • There are 5 levels in The Shifting® Program and each level has its own certification.
  • There are 24 progressions to learn to achieve level 5.
  • Sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • 2-3 sessions a week optimizes progression.

The Shifting® Program can be personalized to your skills and needs. We want to make sure every one has the most effective Shifting experience.

  • The approximate amount of sessions per level depends on physical function assessment.
  • Custom scheduling and cost sharing are available for larger groups.
  • We have all different types of machines to fit your needs with handrails, harnesses, and  seats.
  • Once you are certified, leasing options and classes become available to you. 
  • Scholarships are available to those in need.

If you are interested in The Shifting® Program, reach out to us! We love to meet and help new people achieve balance, symmetry, and performance. 

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